Managing/ Assistant Personnel

  Güldalı TANGÜÇ has been assigned to work in MARAHEK UYAM which is a new UYAM of our University. There is a need for nursing services in the Training Family Health Center (EASM) which is the most important one of our center's activities and which constitutes the field of application. Also works in the areas of pre-graduate education and research. 

  Ayşenur KESKİN , who is also working for Clinical Skills Laboratory for Medical School and Özlem METELİ, who is a registrar in Family Health Center are helping us for secretarial work.

  As the polyclinic services are provided in the training center of our center, cleaning of the building is important. Because of that; one-half day of the week, cleaning staff Muhammed Çevik was assigned on 08.10.2018 to carry out cleaning works in our center.

  Two part-time students were assigned to our work during 2017-18 and 2018-19 education years. Sena ULUTAŞ (Medicine) and Sultan PALANTÖKEN (Nursing). They're take great pains for inform students and other personnel about services of our Family Health Center. Also they're contributing to prepare and distribute brochure to our studens and employees in Protective Medical Science Services.



Özlem METELİ (Secretary 2018-...) 


Aynur KESKİN (Secretary 2018-...) 


Sultan PALANTÖKEN (Part time Student)




Sena ULUTAŞ (Part-time Student 2018-...)