Education and Family Medicine Center

  Our Family Health Center (EASM), which provides healthcare services in the building of our Center located in the Başıbüyük Campus of Maltepe, is carried out together with the assistants of the Family Medicine Department under the supervision of the Department of Family Medicine's professors. It is one of the first Education and Family Health Care Center in Turkey.

  In our center, people can get health care services  between the hours of 08.00-17.00 on weekdays. Anyone living, working and studying in the campus can benefit from this service. Our center give sevices with two constant physicians and two nurses -one of them comes from hospital-. 

 Besides that our center create an opportunity to Family Medicine assistants about practising. For sure it's a clinical practice area for medicine and health sciences students. It provides internship opportunity for students in all departments of Health Sciences.

 In addition to preventive health services, our center also provides primary care and treatment services. 

 Preventive health services are generally made within the scope of periodic health examinations. It includes consulting services like vaccination and immunization, regular health controls, obesity and smoking cessation. In our Center, which works as a complete FMC, report extraction services provided in other ASMs are also provided.